Hanna Shansky, LMT
Massage Therapy in Brookline, MA

Services and Rates

Integrative Massage
Integrative massage is aimed at reducing tension both broadly and specifically. Sessions are designed to provide relief for the body as a whole while also pinpointing specific areas of tension. Multiple techniques are combined in order to relieve muscles and connective tissue below the surface. Modalities used during an integrative massage may include myofascial release, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, assisted stretching, joint mobility, Cranio-sacral work, and orthopedic massage techniques.

  • 60 minutes - $100 (3-pack: $285)
  • 75 minutes - $125 (3-pack: $360)
  • 90 minutes - $150 (3-pack: $435)
  • 2 Hours - $180 (Email directly to book)

Prenatal Massage
Prenatal massage focuses on addressing the physical needs of expecting women. A specialized pre-natal bolster allows the client to lie face down without putting pressure on the abdomen. Additional pillows and support are offered in order to provide the most comfort possible.

  • 60 minutes - $95
  • 75 minutes - $120
  • 90 minutes - $145

Migraine Relief Treatment
A specialized approach for pain associated with chronic headaches and migraines. Sessions include focused massage of the neck, face and scalp in addition to acupressure techniques and Cranio-sacral work. Tension in the spine and jaw are addressed in order to determine the possible source of the pain. Reiki energy work and / or aromatherapy may also be included by request.

  • 60-minutes - $100
  • 75-minutes - $120

TheraCupping is a modernized technique using controlled suction through the manual application of Silicone cups. Massage cupping helps to loosen stuck tissue and improve the circulation of fluids through the body.

  • Add on of $15 per session