Hanna Shansky, LMT
Orthopedic Massage Therapy

On-Site Massage

The massage chair is ergonomically designed in order to provide full support of the head (face forward), arms, torso and legs. Chair massage is a brief (10 or 15 minute) session of bodywork during which the client remains fully clothed, making sessions convenient and also eliminating the need for total privacy. The massage chair folds up easily and is completely portable. It can be set up just about anywhere (for example: conference room, spare office or quiet room, or outdoors). The muscle groups most often worked on are the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands, in addition to the scalp, quads and calves. Massage techniques may include soft tissue release, muscular compressions, trigger point release, mobility work, stretching, and acupressure.

Chair massage is well-suited to the following occasions:
Corporate stress management
Health and wellness events
Holiday parties/office events
Festivals and concerts
Sports games/athletic events

Please email Hanna.Shansky@yahoo.com to book an event!