Hanna Shansky, LMT
Orthopedic Massage Therapy


Hello! I am a Licensed Massage Therapist with a specialty in Orthopedic Massage and soft tissue work. I utilize this training to see the body as a whole rather than in parts, and I strive to help my clients to be more proactive about achieving physical balance, using the information gathered during massage sessions to make inspiring recommendations about self-care and well being. My approach to bodywork combines firm yet gentle pressure with a precise knowledge of the underlying tissues. My treatment goals are to bring better alignment to the body, facilitate ease of movement, to aid in the cultivation of self-awareness, and to provide clients with the tools to live in a more balanced state. Occasionally the challenges of life can seem overwhelming, even harder when amplified by physical pain. Tightly linked with the mind, the body carries the stresses of the brain, reacting physiologically to its triumphs and shortcomings. The primary goal of my bodywork practice is to alleviate the physical and mental blockages we all experience as a result of living. I invite you to release attachments to life's demands through massage, in order to ease both physical and mental restrictions. During a massage you are well supported, and given the time and space to heal.



Hanna is professionally trained in deep tissue release, myofascial techniques, muscular therapy, massage cupping, and prenatal. Much of her work is manual soft tissue manipulation combined with myofascial massage. These modalities applied together form a treatment approach which effectively realigns the body's fascial network, providing great relief to chronic tension patterns which develop over time. Her sessions are integrative and can range from focused treatment to generalized therapeutic massage. She enjoys helping clients determine the source of their discomfort, and working with them to develop sustainable habits of wellness in their lives. Though she is knowledgeable about the needs of a wide range of conditions, Hanna particularly enjoys providing treatment for postural imbalances as well as headaches and migraines. Many find Hanna's work to be highly effective due to the fact that she provides both localized treatment in addition to realigning the body as a whole.



Photos used with permission by Adrian Feliciano | alphajulietfoxtrot.com